new york city on a student’s budget

This time last year, I was getting ready for Black Friday flight sales. I had nothing specific in mind, as long as it was a break away from midterms, required reading and exams. After a lot of browsing for good dates to nearby European countries, I took an urge to look at something further afield, … Continue reading new york city on a student’s budget

Copenhagen to Malmo

Waking up at 6am and walking to the airport in -5 degree weather wasn't exactly my ideal way to start Valentines Day with my boyfriend - especially considering I'd been up sick the entire night before. However, this journey was one of the best in my life. The £10 bus left Copenhagen airport and not long … Continue reading Copenhagen to Malmo

How to save up money as a student

Hello again! Recently me and Matthew had been in a bit of a rut with money: spending all day at uni then rushing to work to make money which all disappears before the next pay day with nothing to show for it. We were spending pretty much exactly what we have been making, and slowly … Continue reading How to save up money as a student

Planning an Interrailing trip

This is a very brief account of how we actually planned it...for a more in depth and helpful post about planning an interrailing trip, bear with me. I'll be posting one in a few days with hints and tips on everything interrail. Hopefully it will be much more organised than this as well! With an … Continue reading Planning an Interrailing trip